Eat like you mean it.


Barbeque Chicken Club $11

Whiskey-barbequed Chicken on tossed Romaine Anchor’s Buttermilk Dressing, Monterrey-Jack Black beans, red pepper & pico de gallo.

Greek Salmon $13

Grilled Salmon Fillet on tossed Romaine Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette, Kalamata olives Cucumber, tomato, red onion & feta.

Caesar $8.75

Rosemary croutons & parmesan, on a bed of Caesar-dressed Romaine hearts.
+ Chicken $2+ Shrimp $3+ Salmon $4

HouseSmall $5.50Large $7.50

Crisp Romaine & Anchor’s Buttermilk Dressing Cucumber, tomato, red pepper & onions.
+ Chicken $3.25+ Shrimp $4.50


Thai Chicken Wrap $10.75

Grilled Chicken & Applewood Smoked Bacon Sweet Thai chili sauce & Sriracha Mayo Jalapenos, cucumbers, cilantro, carrots & Monterey-Jack, in a large Flour Tortilla.

Anchor Burger $14.75

Hand-formed Beef Patty, Slow-roasted Pork,Bacon, Fried Mac & Cheese, pickles, onions, Mont-Jack & BBQ sauce. All on one Pub Bun.
Served with Hand-cut Fries & Pommes-Frites.

BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.25

Slow-roasted Pork topped with Slaw, Monterey-Jack & Pickled Jalapenos.
Served with a side of Hand-cut Fries.

Black & Blue Burger $9.75

Blackened Seasoning-infused Beef Patty, Blue Cheese Crumbles & Sautéed onions.
Served with a side of Hand-cut Fries.

Beer-Battered Cod $12

Classic Hand-dipped Cod, Dill Coleslaw
Served with Hand-cut Fries and Pommes-Frites with Tartar Sauce.

Whiskey BBQ Burger $11.50

Whiskey-barbeque infused Beef Patty, Bacon Cheddar, Grilled onions, lettuce & tomato

Surf & Turf Burger $13

Blackened Seasoning-infused Beef Patty Sautéed Shrimp & Parmesan Cream sauce.
Served with Hand-cut Fries. + Cheese $.75+ Bacon $1

Classic Burger $9.75

Hand-formed Beef Patty, “The Works” (lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion).
Served with Hand-cut Fries.

Our Pommes-Frites & Side Salads can be substituted for Hand-cut Fries on any of our sandwiches for $1

* Consumer advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Hand-cut Fries $4

Thin-cut, fried Golden Brown. Served in a basket, with Ketchup.
+ Garlic & Parmesan $1

Pommes-Frites $6

Potatoes: Thick-cut & Thrice-cooked. Tender on the inside, crisp on the outside.
Served with a Dipping Sauce of your choice.

Dipping Sauce

Curry Ketchup • Garlic Aioli • Chive Sour Cream • Bacon Aioli • Fry Sauce • Tartar Sauce • Ranch • Blue Cheese • BBQ
+ Additional Sauce $.50


Whiskey Shrimp $12

Flambéed in Whiskey-Cream with fresh herb infusion.
Served with garlic toast.

Mac & Cheese $6.25

Creamy Cheese Sauce & Toasted Parmesan
+ Pork $2

White Wine Shrimp $11

Sautéed, with Chardonnay Beurre-Blanc, garlic & parsley.
Served with a Crostini Mix.

Quesadilla $9.25

Seared Poblanos, Onions & Peppers, Monterey-Jack & Cheddar cheeses. Served in a large Flour Tortilla with Sides of Sour Cream & Pico.
+ Pork $2+ Chicken $3.25+ Shrimp $4.50

Stuffed Jalapenos $7.75

Cream Cheese, Imitation Crab & Parmesan filling. Sweet-Thai Chili sauce on Top.

Fried Pickles $7

Battered & Fried to a Golden-Brown.
Choice of Chive Sour Cream or Ranch.

Hot Wings $9.25

Enjoy Classic, Hot, Atomic, Sweet Chili, S&P, and Barbecue styles.
Served with Carrots & Celery.
Choice of Blue or Ranch on the side.

Fried Zucchini $7

Battered & Fried to a Golden-Brown.
Choice of Chive Sour Cream or Ranch.

Clam Strips $6.25

Served with Fries & Tartar.

Popcorn Shrimp $6.50

Served with Hand-cut Fries.